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    The Cohhilition Stream Team would like to present it's next Team Member Highlight of the month. We asked SattelizerGames a few questions to help us get to know him. Check it out and give him a follow!

    Q: What is Your Twitch Name / Channel?


    Q: How did you come up with your Twitch name?
    A: Long Story short, I was watching an anime years ago while playing an MMO and needed a new handle. I decided to go with the name of the main character from that anime which was Satellizer El Bridget. It sounded cool at the time. Alas, it was not the best choice. Not only is it extremely long its also hard to spell. Couple that with the Games at the end to make it even longer, when people googled my name for the first year or so, it came up as an anime girl. LOL

    Q: What type of games do you stream?
    A: I am variety true and true. You’ll find me playing hype titles, new titles, old titles, games no one’s even heard of, FPS’s RPGs, MMOs, horror games. All of them.

    Q: What is your streaming schedule?
    A: Currently my schedule is 4 PM to 10 PM PST. However, whenever a new exciting title rolls around that catches my eye and enjoyment, those streams can go on for hours sometimes 16-20 hour shifts on the daily if I’m really invested in the game.

    Q: Does your channel have a theme?
    A: Our community is called The Resistance. Still working on what exactly we’re resisting though. Until then we’re resisting the need to have a reason to resist things. :D I’d like to think we’ve got a bit of a post apocalyptic last stand kind of feel in the channel. I’m a huge fallout fan and the game and franchise has heavily influenced my channel.

    Q: When did you start streaming?

    A: I started streaming back on early March of 2013, I guess that makes me an semi-OG streamer. I’ve been around for a while. Back in the wild west days of Twitch.

    Q: Do you stream full time or part time?
    A: I currently stream Full Time.

    Q: What made you decide to stream?

    A: I’ve always wanted to make a living playing video games ever since I was little. My original plan was to be a game tester, only I didn’t find out until recently they make next to nothing and it’s really just an entry level position into Gaming Industry. And that never really interested me, I don’t want to make games, I just want to play them. :D One day I stumbled upon Twitch, I found people sharing their passion, acting like goofballs and just having a grand old time. I was inspired and told myself, “Hey, I can do this too”

    Q: What did you do before streaming / or do in addition to streaming?

    A: I started streaming during my senior year in high school, once I graduated, my channel had been doing well for a good while and I realized school just wasn’t for me anymore, I wanted to pursue this passion of mine to the fullest.

    Q: What makes your channel different from everyone else’s?
    A: I guess in a simplest sense, I am one of the most interactive streamers out there. When you come to my channel, you have my fullest attention. I put the focus on the viewers. I am there to entertain them. This of course tends to lead to rather hilarious and awkward fails in video games from time to time as I tend to get killed talking to chat. I’m extremely hyper, positive, happy, energetic and interactive, all these are traits viewers have called me. We’re a family and a community, I’ll be there reading and responding to every line, be it 50 or 5000 viewers, I won’t miss a beat and keep it from interrupting my gameplay...most of the time. XD.

    Q: Where do you see yourself and your channel in a year? Five years?
    A: In a year? I hope to be King of the World! But I’ll settle for just being able to continue doing what I love and entertaining my wonderful community. In 5 Years though I better be king of the world or I’ll be very upset.

    Q: What has been your biggest challenge while streaming?

    A: Honestly it’s been dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with the job. The rises and falls of twitch, dealing with the business side once you decide to go full time. It’s a whole lot more than playing video games anymore. It can be pretty daunting to someone who's just not got the life experience to know how to handle it all.

    Q: Where can folks find you on social media?
    A: You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @Sattelizergames, Youtube is @SattelizerGames55

    Q: Where are you from?
    A: I’m from So Cal, way out in the Desert. It’s hot hot hot!

    Q: Favorite game ever played:

    A: By far my favorite game ever played would be Fallout New Vegas, I truly love the feeling of freedom, the ability to do whatever and be whatever you want. I don’t feel constrained to follow any certain playstyle.r.

    Q: What upcoming game are you looking forward to most? Why?
    A: Hmm… Battlefield 1 as i’m a huge Battlefield fan. I can’t wait. Other than that, probably For Honor and hopefully some Horror Games to make our Horror Week super exciting.

    Q: What is your streaming / hardware set up?
    A: I’m currently rocking an Origin Sponsored PC, Single PC setup. 3 24 Inch Monitors, Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Keyboard, Razer Black Mamba TE Mouse, Razer Sieren Mic, and some Astro A40 TRs for my Headset.
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    always very intesting to read the hightlight stuff
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    Nice read, will definitely check him out, love hearing origin stories
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    I always wondered if he got his name from Freezing. Glad to see i was right lol.
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    That is pretty cool... lul
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    I'll tune in when the next insomnia hunts me. You start at 1am my time. Perfect!

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