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    The Cohhilition Stream Team would like to present it's next Team Member Highlight of the month. We asked KingRadinov a few questions to help us get to know him. Check it out and give him a follow!

    Q: What is Your Twitch Name / Channel?


    Q: How did you come up with your Twitch name?
    A: I was looking for a new name in high school and spent months looking up trying to figure out what I wanted my handle to be. I was big into Dragonball Z at the time so I knew I wanted something to represent my favorite character Vegeta. On a whim I picked up a video named Gunsmith Cats after seeing a trailer that looked interesting. The villian in the video was named Natasha Radinov. I took the two and mixed them up and came out with Prince Radinov. I used it for a while until I was locked out of my Xbox LIVE account after a year of not using it. I couldn't recover it at all and I had to make a new account. The operator suggested that it might be time for the prince to become a king. I wasn't convinced at first but I didn't have much of a choice so King Radinov was born... through tech support!

    Q: What type of games do you stream?
    A: I'm all over the place. Gaming on PC primarily while streaming (though I make sure I get all consoles as I always have) I've broadened my horizons quite a bit. My main focus tends to be on 3rd person action games or 2d platformers. That said I'll usually give any game a chance if it seems interesting enough, even if I've never played the genre before. I've learned never say never unless you want to miss out on some awesome games.

    Q: What is your streaming schedule?
    A: Weekdays in the morning starting at 9am EST. I tend to go about 4-5 hours.

    Q: Does your channel have a theme?

    A: A very light royal theme. I tend to use a lot of purple and gold in my overlays and games, but that's about it. I decided early on not to focus on it too much aside from joking around here and there. I like the idea of it, but I could never pretend to be that full of myself all the time. :p

    Q: When did you start streaming?
    A: In May of 2014. My first stream was Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy. I streamed for about an hour and was probably as stiff as a board I was so nervous. I think I literally had my shoulders hunched up the whole time because I thought someone might see me slouch and say “Oh this guy sucks!” and leave. It was kinda traumatic but getting through the first one let me know I not only could do this, but wanted to.

    Q: Do you stream full time or part time?
    A: I have an actual job that I work to support myself so I suppose I'm part time, but I treat my stream like my job in that I try to be there every day I'm supposed to and do my best to make it fun for anyone who shows up.

    Q: What made you decide to stream?

    A: Street Fighter. I originally intended to start almost a year before I did with Street Fighter IV. No cam. No chatting. Just streaming Vs. matches. It took me watching some really special people to see just how much streaming had to offer and now I could not imagine trying to do it that way.

    Q: What did you do before streaming / or do in addition to streaming?

    A: I stock shelves to pay the bills, yo.

    Q: What makes your channel different from everyone else’s?
    A: I tend to have more of a focus on indie titles on my stream. I'm always on the lookout for really interesting titles that might have gone unnoticed. I'll play any game that looks fun to me but I love when I can give indies a bit more of the limelight.

    Q: Where do you see yourself and your channel in a year? Five years?
    A: My goal by this time next year is partnership. 5 years from now I'd love to build our community to be large enough that I could really take the idea of showcasing indie games to the next level.

    Q: What has been your biggest challenge while streaming?
    A: Streaming time frame. I wish I could be more flexible with my times so that when opportunities come knocking I can answer the door. But my times, for consistency sake, are pretty much locked to what they are. They are slightly bendable every so often, but not breakable.

    Q: Where can folks find you on social media?
    A: Twitter is probably the easiest and best place to find me: @KingRadinov

    Q: Where are you from?
    A: I'm from the East Coast of the USA. Rhode Island specifically. Small place but quick to get around. Not that it matters much. I stay at home mostly since I'm up during night hours and everything is closed. New York we are not.

    Q: Favorite game ever played:
    A: I'd have to cheat a bit and give 2. Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millenium and Mass Effect 2. Both ruled my life when they came out. I came home from work at about 2am every day and played CvS2 for about 4 hours at least over the course of a year. ME2 was one of the only games I ever actually attempted to finish all of the achievements for. It was actually my introduction to the Mass Effect series.

    Q: What upcoming game are you looking forward to most? Why?
    A:Mass Effect: Andromeda because ME3's multiplayer was way better than it had any business being. Sucked me in for something like a year straight. And that was BEFORE they did all the cool quality of life changes. I just want to see it be better. For Honor is a close second though just because the combat feels great. I can't wait to get a chance to play cooperative melee PvP and see what other modes they add in. It's going to be insane.

    Q: What is your streaming / hardware set up?
    A: Nothing really special. My PC is an I7 4790k with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970. I'm using 2 24 inch monitors, Logitech G510 Keyboard, and a Redragon Perdition mouse (to replace my old and worn Razer Naga). I stream consoles through my Elgato HD60 and have them all “set up” in a cheap plastic tower next to the computer. And by set up I mean wires twisting everywhere like they were caught in a tornado.

    Q: Tell us something about yourself that your viewers would find surprising:
    A: I'm am actually a pretty reserved guy. I tend to be the person in the group that fades into the background and listens to the conversations as opposed to leading or participating. It takes a while for me to break out of that shell. I also get lost just as easily in the real world as I tend to in games. What you see on stream is not an act. Maps and GPS have no power over me!
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    I really like the way smaller streamers are getting the chance to get some attention here.
    Keep it up! I hope more people will check you out!
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    awesome, another indie gamer, i not a indie gamer myself, cuzz well all other awesome games, but its nice to see them streamed :D
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    I've tuned into his stream a few times, worth checking out if less mainstream games are your thing! Keep it going. :)
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    KingRadinov , keep up the great work!

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