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  1. nexus0412
    I feel like my profile pic, is the inspiration for the first game in September 2017 list
  2. SmashBrawler35
    I'm still keeping it steamy!
  3. Utherhd
  4. Hanku2691
  5. Crotacheese75
    Crotacheese75 Marcn488
    o/ ZombieWolf :)
  6. EGDestro
    EGDestro eschaap
    Hello quick question if i requested a TS channel how long does it take to get it set up ?
    1. eschaap
      hey, we can have that setup pretty fast! Just tell me in chat when you have "bought" it!
      Sep 13, 2017
    2. EGDestro
      it was about around the 4th of sept +- when igo to the token store now i get a msg that i dont have enough tokens etc when i was making the purchase it asked me for what the pass should be etc
      Sep 14, 2017
    3. eschaap
      I see that you have a password protected channel in our teamspeak room at (teamspeak link, not a web link) so its all setup. if you have forgotten your password, we can change it.
      Sep 20, 2017 at 9:45 AM
  7. EGDestro
    EGDestro nuuriell
    Hello quick question if i requested a TS channel how long does it take to get it set up ?
  8. Marcn488
    I'm ZombieWolf10 in the chat nice to meet you my real name is Marc see ya in chat
  9. Theducatiguy
    Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds
  10. robbansj
    robbansj Rodr1c
    Hi! I would just like to ask for help to change my year of birth on my profile, it says Aug 10 1999 but it should be Aug 10 1992 instead.
  11. Lightcrusade
  12. fatalthebaptist
    on twitch watching live and vods, I should be reading Dune to catch up cbgirl19's Dune book club. I will shower and go outside to read now
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  13. SayWhatTrishaaa
    Cohh streams so early! I def appreciate Redeye and the posts up on YouTube. I subbed to Cohh recently for the appreciation of great content.
  14. HeIlraIser
    A Caffeine dependent life-form
  15. DemurgeGV
    DemurgeGV nuuriell
    cohhBoop IN YOUR FACE cohhL
  16. TheRatdog4891
    TheRatdog4891 CohhCarnage
    Hello from your old Vanguard tank, Ratdog !!
  17. CurtisBread
    Love gaming and watching Netflix.
  18. danvain
    If I was any better I'd be twins.
  19. Azzyxs
    "Who gives the sentence, swing the sword..."
  20. CartdoggTV
    Path of Exile has me like :D